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Motorcycle accident resulting in wrongful death

Result: $2.1 Million Dollars

A 62-year old man was operating his motorcycle when he was struck by a driver making an unlawful left turn on red at an intersection. The motorcyclist suffered a head injury and decompression of the right lung. The motorcyclist was transferred to the Trauma Center of Ohio State Medical Center and, thereafter, was admitted to the surgical intensive care unit. A subarachnoid hemorrhage led to the patient being intubated and induced into a medical coma. Due to ventilator-associated pneumonia, the patient had to be withdrawn from the ventilator three months after the collision. The decedent's family filed a claim against the driver. The driver's insurance company settled for the policy limits of $2.1 million.

Motor vehicle collision at intersection

Result: $1.3 Million Dollars

Client was t-boned at an intersection in Columbus, Ohio, because of the other driver's failure to stop at a red light. Client suffered a fracture of his cervical vertebra, traumatic brain injury, and right upper-extremity neuropathy. A lawsuit was filed against the at-fault driver, but his insurance company settled the case for $1.3 million before trial.

Motorcycle accident in residential neighborhood

Result: $1.2 Million Dollars

Client was riding a motorcycle in a residential neighborhood when a distracted driver failed to yield at a stop sign and struck the client. The impact caused the client to suffer a severe ankle fracture requiring multiple surgeries, implant of a spinal cord stimulator, and the permanent use of a cane. The motorist's insurance company settled the case after a lawsuit was filed.

Rear-end collision with back injury

Result: $500,000

Client was self-employed as a landscaper. He was traveling in Union County, Ohio, in his pickup truck when he was rear-ended by a large waste management truck. Client suffered neck and back injuries, resulting in herniated discs and annular tears. The treating physician testified for the need of future surgery. The case was tried to verdict.

Medical malpractice resulting in atonic bladder

Result: $500,000

Client applied for life insurance and discovered that he had Stage IV renal failure. A review of medical records from two years prior revealed that the client had abnormal labs that the doctor had not disclosed to the patient. As a result of the doctor's failure to treat the patient's prolonged symptoms, the patient's bladder became atonic, resulting in its incapacity. The patient has to catheterize himself three to four times a day in order to relieve his bladder. After a lawsuit was filed, it was discovered that the doctor altered his medical records to claim that the patient had been advised of his medical condition, but failed to consult with a specialist. The case was tried by a jury.

Train and car collision at railroad crossing

Result: $342,500

Client was a backseat passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a train on a railroad crossing in London, Ohio. Client suffered a fractured jaw, closed head injury, and seizures. Fault for the accident was disputed. The driver's insurance company paid $12,500 to settle the case with the client. The railroad company settled the client's claims for $330,000.

Motorcycle accident with multiple fractures

Result: $250,000

Client was riding his motorcycle, wearing his helmet and protective clothing, when suddenly a dog from a nearby property got loose and entered into the client's path of travel. As a result, the client was propelled off his motorcycle and suffered multiple fractures to his ankle, wrist, and collarbone. A lawsuit was filed against the dog owner. The dog owner's homeowner's policy settled the case.

Slip & fall at condo complex

Result: $135,000

Client was a tenant of a condominium that was undergoing repairs in the common areas, mainly the carports. One of the contractors placed a clear plastic covering onto the client's enclosed patio floor without warning to the client. As a result, the client stepped into the patio, slipped, and fell, resulting in a fractured femur. The fracture required multiple surgeries and therapy. The contractor's insurance company settled the case shortly after a lawsuit was filed.

Pedestrian struck in a crosswalk

Result: $145,000

Client was a pedestrian crossing the street when a driver failed to stop at the pedestrian crosswalk, striking the client. The accident necessitated knee surgery to repair a torn radial meniscus. The insurance company for the driver settled before a lawsuit was filed.

Rear-end automobile collision

Result: $100,000

Client was involved in a rear-end automobile collision that exacerbated a pre-existing neck condition that necessitated a C6-7 cervical fusion. The insurance company for the at-fault driver settled the case after a lawsuit was filed.

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